Getting started

To get started with Halloy, you need to connect to at least one IRC server. The template config file has been set up with the Libera server. However, there are many other servers available: OFTC, Undernet, EFnet, QuakeNet and many more. Halloy can connect to multiple servers at the same time.

Once connected to a server, you can join channels. This can be done automatically from the config file or manually using the join command: /join #channel1. To find channels, you can either use the list command: /list, or browse for channels online.

💡 Configuration in Halloy happens through a config.toml file. See Configuration.

Here are a few useful IRC commands for a new user2

/join/join #halloyJoin a new channel
/part/part #halloyPart a channel
/nick/nick halloyisgreatChange your nickname
/whois nickname/whois halloyisgreatDisplays information of nickname requested
/list *keyword*/list *linux*List channels. Keyword is optional

Channel names always start with a # symbol and do not contain spaces.


Find more commands here.