File Transfer

[file_transfer] Section

save_directory = "<string>"
passive = true | false
timeout = <integer>
save_directoryDirectory opened when prompted to save a file$HOME/Downloads
passiveIf true, act as the "client" for the transfer. Requires the remote user act as the servertrue
timeoutTime (in seconds) to wait before timing out a transfer waiting to be accepted300

[file_transfer.server] Section

This section is required if passive = false. One side of the file transfer must operate as the "server", who the other user connects with to establish a connection.

public_address = "<string>"
bind_address = "<string>"
bind_port_first = <integer>
bind_port_last = <integer>
public_addressAddress advertised to the remote user to connect to""
bind_addressAddress to bind to when accepting connections""
bind_port_firstFirst port in port range to bind to""
bind_port_lastLast port in port range to bind to""