Migrating from YAML

Halloy recently switched configuration file format from YAML to TOML (PR-278) This page will help you migrate your old config.yaml to a new config.toml file.

The basic structure of a TOML file consists of key-value pairs, where keys are strings. There are no nested indentations like YAML, which makes it easier to read and write. Consider the following old YAML config with of two servers in Halloy:

    nickname: foobar
    server: irc.libera.chat
    nickname: barbaz
    server: underworld2.no.quakenet.org
    port: 6667
    use_tls: true

This now looks the following in TOML

nickname = "foobar"
server = "irc.libera.chat"

nickname = "barbaz"
server = "underworld2.no.quakenet.org"
port = 6667
use_tls = true

💡 You can convert YAML to TOML using a converter tool like this one. Just note that a few keys and values have be renamed during the conversion process.

To migrate, and ensure everything is working, make sure to read through the Configuration section of this book. Here, every configuration option is documented using TOML.

If you still have trouble or find any issues, make sure to get in touch.